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Medica CPD brings you the finest professional development health related conferences and courses to provide you with an unforgettable and comprehensive learning experience. We hold events on a wide variety of subjects from dermatology to autism. Many of our events focus on children’s health and mental health and well-being, which makes us a fantastic choice for educators, social care and health professionals.

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Fantastic feedback from previous events

Fabulous conference, totally relevant to everyone working with young people, inspirational!
Moira Rarity, Depute Head Dr Temple Grandin Event, 15th May 2019
Highly informative day from an extremely knowledgeable, insightful and entertaining speaker. 5 stars!
Angela McDonald, Home School Officer Tony Talks Autism, 15th May 2017
Now attended 5 conferences and each one has been outstanding due to knowledge and expertise of speakers
Denise Munro, Lecturer Understanding Attachment, 21st April 2017
Very informative in reinforcing our knowledge base and providing practical strategies
Tina Adams, Night Service Manager, Annual Children's Mental Health Conference, 5th June 2019
This is the CPD highlight of the year for me - guaranteed quality presentations and usable information!
Jane MacBeth, Teacher, Annual Children's Mental Health Conference, 5th June 2019
Truly inspirational events with lots of key strategies to improve practice
Sharon Webster, Social Worker, Annual Children's Mental Health Conference, 5th June 2019
Clear, simple and most importantly easy strategies which make such a difference
Tony Fay, Headteacher, Tony Talks Autism, 16th Jan 2019
Tony is engaging & interesting to listen to, with strategies & advice at his fingertips. Most practical & useful course I have attended
Siobhan Conwell, S.A.L.T Community Paediatric, Tony Talks Autism, 16th Jan 2019
Wow - This has been the most refreshing training event I have attended on ASD. Real & Helpful, both in terms of knowledge & practical application
Chris Jones, Assistant Headteacher, Tony Talks Autism, 16th Jan 2019
Excellent presentation, well delivered, interesting & helpful
Lisa Donoghue, Manager, Sharks 'n' Snakes Conference, 22nd Nov 2018
Invaluable information, easily transferred into the work place
Gillian Kulwicki, Headteacher, Sharks 'n' Snakes, 22nd Nov 2018
Excellent conference with practical models & tips for supporting young people with attachment & trauma
Jenny Duffus, Teacher, Attachment & Trauma Conference, 5th Nov 2018

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